Zombie Action RPG Dead Rivals Launches on Android & iOS

Dead Rivals

Following a lengthy soft launch campaign, Gameloft’s open world zombie action RPG shooter hybrid is finally ready for its global launch. Dead Rivals lets shoot hordes of zombies, engage in PVP, shoot zombies, craft, and shoot zombies.

Best compared to the developer’s popular Gangstar New Orleans, Dead Rivals lets players create their own shelters and tasks them with defending them. Threats in the world of Dead Rivals come from both the living and the undead as players need to defend themselves and their shelter from players interested in raiding.

Part shooter part action RPG, Dead Rivals gives players three classes to choose from when they start the game. To further differentiate their characters players can customize their appearance and invest skill points in the game’s skill trees to suite their own playstyle. Then they can join guilds, and go explore what the game’s open world has to offer.

The game’s pre-registration campaign resulted in unlocking a large amount of free supplies for the game, including crafting items, apparel, and some premium currency.

Dead Rivals is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Choose among 3 uniquely skilled classes and customize your hero’s look.
  • Research, craft and improve dozens of different shooter weapons.
  • Multiple skill trees allow you to pick the right abilities for any challenge.
  • Stand out from the horde with unique clothing and skins!


  • Explore in total freedom as you discover large zombie-infested maps, each created in amazing detail.
  • Get to know the Factions inhabiting the various areas as you learn who’s at war with who. But be careful to not get caught in the crossfire!
  • A complete MMORPG-style quest system allows you to focus on the main storyline or take on a multitude of side quests.

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