Augmented Reality Puzzle Game YuME: Alice’s Dream Is Now on Android


Thanks to the rapid fire release of three very similar battle royale shooters and the recent launch of a beta test for FortCraft, it would be easy to assume that NetEase Games is a company that specializes in shooters. A quick look at the company’s catalog will show that they have a broad range of games, with the MMORPG Crusaders of Light, gacha game Onmyoji and the soft launched Galactic Frontline among them. Now they have launched YuME: Alice’s Dream, an atmospheric casual puzzle game that’s rooted in traditional Chinese culture.

YuME is an augmented reality puzzle experience that gives players a taste of traditional Chinese melodies while solving simple puzzles in their living room.

YuME: Alice’s Dream is free and contains an in app purchase to unlock more content. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • A Returning-home Journey
    The Spring Festival Offering brings new heroine and new stories. In this oriental journey, experience the everlasting theme of returning-home in the traditional Chinese culture. 
  • Painting Style Sceneries
    Inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings, designs and presents vivid stages with impressive oriental art style in the real world.
  • An Oriental Adventure
    In the real world, continue an oriental adventure with puzzles from the traditional Chinese culture. Moreover, the new underwater stage provides AR experience like never before.
  • Melodies of the Ancient Dynasty

    Beautiful and classical melodies lead players into the beautiful oriental dynasty with thousands of years of story to tell.

Interested? Check out the AR game on Google Play.

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