Netmarble and Level-5 Are Working on Yo-kai Watch Medal Wars

Netmarble logo

As part of the company’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) preview, Level-5 has announced a new game in the Yo-kai Watch franchise, made in partnership with Netmarble. The upcoming Yo-kai Watch Medal Wars is expected to be unveiled later this month as part of TGS.

The new game will be a free to play RPG and has only been announced for the Japanese market at this time, but otherwise little is known about the game. There is a trailer, but it servers as mostly a teaser and provides little substance.

While Level-5 does not always release global versions of their mobile games, there is reason to believe that Medal Wars will see a launch outside of Japan. The main factor working in the favor of an international release is the involvement of Netmarble.

Netmarble and its Japanese subsidiary, Netmarble Monster, are working on the game and the South Korean publisher has a strong track record of bringing its games to the world. That includes the launch of Japanese titles like Knights Chronicles, as well as South Korean hits like Lineage 2: Revolution. Netmarble is currently working on an international release of The King of Fighters AllStar, which is only available in Japan right now (unless you use a VPN or download the game’s APK).

Yo-kai Watch Medal Wars will be free to play and contain in app purchases. Here is the game’s debut trailer:

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