The X-Files: Deep State Is Coming To Android in 2018

The X-Files: Deep State

Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games are working on a new X-Files mobile game. X-Files: Deep State will be a puzzle adventure game where players explore a variety of cases involving aliens, government conspiracies, and other X-Filesy topics. While players will be able to customize their own character, the game will also feature appearances from some of the series regulars. Creative Mobile and FoxNext are promising to release new cases for players to tackle every month. FoxNext is also working on Marvel: Strike Force.

If you’re hoping for a retro point and click adventure game like Thimbleweed Park, you’re likely out of luck. X-Files: Deep State appears to be taking a more casual approach. Gameplay will involve finding hidden clues, collecting evidence, and interrogating witnesses. Based on the available information, Deep State will have more in common with games like Criminal Case and Agent Alice than old school adventure titles.

X-Files: Deep State is scheduled to be released in early 2018, and it will be free to play with in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with more information:

Those interested in X-Files: Deep State can check out the game’s official website.

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