Wrecking Squad Smashes Its Way to a Global Launch

Wrecking Squad

Make blocks go boom. That is what Big Blue Bubble’s new puzzle game Wrecking Squad asks players to do. Reminiscent of Electronic Arts’ Boom Blox titles, the game tasks players with destroying the game’s 250+ levels by using their squad of characters. The final goal? evicting the robots that have taken residence in Toppelopolis’ abandoned buildings by leveling those buildings.

Players will need to consider physics, map layouts, and their squad members’ special abilities if they want to make sure to complete each level. The characters in Wrecking Squad can be collected and powered up in order to maximize their destructive potential.

Big Blue Bubble is a Canadian mobile gaming company best known their hit game My Singing Monsters which has accumulated millions of downloads on Google Play and has spawned a number of My Singing Monster apps.

Wrecking Squad is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Breaker and the Wrecking Squad are the only ones capable of smashing the abandoned buildings of Toppelopolis and keeping it safe from the robo-jerks. By using the Wrecking Squad’s unique abilities like explosives, drills, and structure destroying science you’ll be able to smash everything in sight!

Interested? Check out the explosive puzzle game on Google Play.

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