Multiplayer Football Game World Soccer King Now Available Worldwide

World Soccer King

Bluehole PNIX has released their new mobile multiplayer football (soccer) game for gamers around the world. World Soccer King is a turn based soccer title that lets players power up their team and compete in quick matches.

The game uses simple mechanics that have users pull back on the player who has possession of the ball to kick it in the direction of their choice. This lets players pass, score, and clear the ball out of their own area while doing their best to keep it out of their opponent’s hands (or feet). World Soccer King rewards players who think strategically and work towards getting good positioning before shooting, even if that means passing the ball backwards a few times. The game is turn based, and players on defense have no impact on how the action plays out.

While players do not have control over their team while on defense, that doesn’t mean their team is idle when the ball is in play. Soon after the offensive player begins their turn both teams begin moving either towards the ball or to better their positioning. As soon as the ball is kicked defensive players will attempt to intercept it, even engaging in shoving matches with their opponents.

World Soccer King was previously only available for gamers in Canada and Sweden as part of the game’s soft launch.

Gamers looking to play as their favorite footballers or don their favorite club’s kit are out of luck, as World Soccer King features neither licensed player likenesses nor teams. Instead players collect fictional players, power them up, and use them to build their team.

Bluehole PNIX is a mobile game studio that is a part of Bluehole, the parent company of En Masse Enterainment and PUBG Corp.

World Soccer King is free and contains in app purchases and optional ads. Here is a trailer with more information:

Interested? Check out the soccer game on Google Play.

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