WonderBoard Is a New Simple Strategy Game


WonderBoard is a strategy game that has recently been translated to English and released by mhsoft. In WonderBoard players take turns moving their characters on a 4 by 5 grid-based map. Each turn a player can move one of his or her characters, or activate a character’s skill if they have sufficient mana reserves. At the end of the turn, each of their characters that is within attack range will launch an attack. That makes up the game’s simple mechanics, and it’s up to players to master them as they play head to head for WonderBoard supremacy.

Outside of the game’s strategy matches, players can power up their characters and unlock new ones through the game’s chest & card system. Gamers familiar with Clash Royale, or any of the dozens of similar games, will instantly recognize WonderBoard’s loot and monetization system as they unlock chests to upgrade their characters.

WonderBoard is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

Strategy, RPG, Action, all on a small board. Play never-seen new game you never experienced before.

Collect Normal, Rare, Unique, Legend card heroes and grab the victory at the arena with your own strategy.

Breathtaking showdown against the players around the world with real-time matching.

Create guild, join guilds, invite your friends, compete in rankings. Cooperate with your guild members to create the best guild.

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