Visual Novel Wild Romance Now on Android

Wild Romance

Sticky Rice Games has released romance visual novel Wild Romance on Android. Players take on the role of protagonist Kazuma who returns to his hometown in the countryside after his time in Tokyo. After reconnecting with his female classmates, he discovers they are actually magical animal spirits. A visual novel with cat, fox and tanuki girls ensues.

Wild Romance was originally released in English on Steam in 2016, priced at $9.99. Reviews have been mixed, with 65% positive user reviews. The original game was developed by Norn / Miel, before looking into the developer note that some of the content you will find might be explicit and not safe for work. The Android version of the game does not contain any explicit sexual content, but includes Japanese voice overs.

Wild Romance is free to try, but players who want to play past the game’s first part of the game will need to unlock the full game for $4.99. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

Unhappy with his life in Tokyo, Kazuma returns to his hometown in the Japanese countryside where he reconnects with four female classmates. When the girls accidentally reveal that they are not mere humans but actually magical animal spirits in human form, a journey of discovery and flirtation begins.

Follow the story of Kazuma as he learns the hidden secrets of his hometown and discovers the supernatural world. His adventures include mountain picnics, summer festivals, run-ins with the gods and bathing in a natural hot spring.

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