The Weekly Roundup: January 12, 2018

The Weekly Roundup

Games are starting to roll out a little faster after a slowdown during the holidays. This week’s weekly roundup includes titles include a bubble popping octopus, dungeon management, alien breeding, alien killing, and a lot more.

As always, though free games are tempting, don’t overlook the paid new releases on this list. Paid games can often provide better value as they tend to focus more on quality rather than pushing players towards spending money on in app purchases.

Tako Bubble

Taiwanese developer Noice2D has released its new retro-style turn based puzzle game on Android and iOS. Tako Bubble has players take the role of Tako the octopus as he moves around each level popping bubbles while avoiding or crushing his enemies. Tako Bubble consists of 60 unique levels that in which Tako must pop 3 shiny bubbles in order to pass. Each level is also filled with more bubbles to collect, as well as enemies and other dangers. The controls are simple, with 1 directional swipe sending Tako to the next tile in that direction. As with any turn based game, players will need to think ahead in order to avoid the various bats, fish, frogs and snakes that are after Tako. Tako Bubbles is free and contains ads and an in app purchase to remove those ads. Here’s a review.

Lord of Dungeons

Lord of Dungeons has players take up the role of a dungeon manager who has his signs on creating some of the busiest and most popular dungeons in the world. Why? Money, of course. Players will need to explore regions, take out monsters, scout new dungeons, and make sure to maximize every money making opportunity.

In practical terms, Lord of Dungeons is a simulation game with gacha hero (or companion) collection. Players collect and power up their companions and then send them off to either explore, fight, or park them in a dungeon depending on their category. Players do not have any input on the actual combat or exploration beyond picking their explorer or team, though they do get to watch fights as they play out. Lord of Dungeons is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

Hidden Achievements has released the mobile version of their card game based on the popular Dresden Files novels written by Jim Butcher. This release of The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game is an adaptation of the physical card game from Evil Hat Productions. Definitely designed for fans of the series, the card game lets players solve cases from the first five Dresden Files novels and features some inside jokes. The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game is $6.99, and in app purchases that players buy expansion packs for the game.


Widdle is a simple but challenging word game that promises over 1000 levels to play through. Players need to select words by dragging their finger over the letters of each word. That might sound simple, but things can get difficult. Widdle is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Cosmic Eggs

Ambition and PAON DP have teamed up to bring a new alien breeding RPG to the West. Cosmic Eggs has players collect, level up, and breed different aliens in order to get stronger and take on the game’s content. The core of the game is the breeding system. Breeding an alien can lead to an offspring that has better skills, is an evolved form of the parent, or something else entirely. Breeding is done by finding a partner among friends or players around the world.

Outside of alien breeding, there is of course combat. Cosmic Eggs uses auto battle for everything, and players do nothing but sit back and watch. That may be good or bad depending on what type of game you are looking for. There is also a gacha system for drawing new aliens, a food system that lets players increase their alien’s size, speed, or attack speed, and an event mode. Cosmic Eggs is free and contains in app purchases.