The Weekly Roundup: January 05, 2018

The Weekly Roundup

The holiday season has meant a slowdown in the number of new Android games released, so this week’s new releases include a couple of games released last week. The titles on this week’s weekly roundup include a board game that has players trying to rule a Victorian era underworld, a trivia game with real cash prizes, a survival game, a retro franchise that has received a new release, and more.

As always, though free games are tempting, don’t overlook the paid new releases on this list. Paid games can often provide better value as they tend to focus more on quality rather than pushing players towards spending money on in app purchases.


Publisher Versus Evil has released Antihero, a digital board game set in a Victorian era city. Players are tasked with creating a thriving thieves guild by any means necessary. That means recruiting street urchins, hiring gangs, theft, blackmail, and assassinations. Players will need to carefully manage their resources and make decisions regarding which targets they want to go after in order to maximize the loot they can gather. Antihero includes a number of single player and multiplayer modes. Players have the option of playing through the game’s story mode or going against bots when playing solo. Multiplayer has a casual mode that features asynchronous play, as well as real time live matches. Antihero is $4.99 and contains in app purchases that unlock extra characters.


After the releases of Alpha-Beta and Karl2, prolific publisher 111% has release the sequel to the incredibly popular brick smashing arcade game BBTAN. As with the original BBTAN and numerous games that have come out since, BBTAN2 features bricks with numbers corresponding to the number of hits it takes to break each one. Players need to smash bricks and free the BB-Boys trapped inside in order to clear the game’s levels. BBTAN2 promises users over 300 levels to play through, skills, power ups, different level types, and even some social elements.

HQ Trivia

Intermedia Labs’ HQ Trivia is now available on Android. At this time the app is in designated as “unreleased” a category for apps that are still in early-access or open beta and might have a few bugs. HQ Trivia is a unique trivia experience that promises players real cash prizes. The game bills itself as a live trivia game show, and that’s an accurate description of what the game or app experience is like. Players compete against each other by answering a series of trivia questions as the show’s host tries to create a fun environment for players. The players who answer every question correctly split a prize pool of real money (paid out through Paypal). The games take place live every day at 9 PM EST, and at 3 PM EST on weekdays.
HQ Trivia

Hero’s 2nd Memory

Hero’s 2nd Memory is a new shoot-em-up RPG from EAST MOON. Players take the role of a hero that spawns in a world dominated by monsters and has to save humanity. The game promises over 100 of gameplay, three difficulty modes, and boss fights. Hero’s 2nd Memory is $0.99 and contains ads and in app purchases.

Pathfinder Duels

37Games, known for games like “Blades and Rings” and the more recent Era of Arcania has released a new collectible card game. Pathfinder Duels, made in cooperation with Paizo Inc., lets players collect a variety of cards, build their deck, and take on both AI and human opponents. The game’s twist is that both side’s turns are taken simultaneously. Pathfinder Duels features a story adapter from Pathfinder’s Rise of the Runelords adventure path. As far as modes go, the game focuses primarily on multiplayer with duels, arena play, and guilds. Pathfinder Duels is free and contains in app purchases.