The Weekly Roundup: Feb 09, 2018

The Weekly Roundup

This week’s weekly roundup features a healthy mix of free to play games with in app purchases and paid or free to try titles. This weekly roundup includes two adventure games starring FBI agents, caravans that need to be pillaged or defended, an action RPG, and a remake of a major console title.

As always, while the new free Android games on this list might get the most attention, don’t overlook new paid games. Paid games can often provide a better value as they’re not trying to push you towards in app purchases or wasting your time with advertisements.
Here are 10 games released in the past week you should be aware of. This has been a great week for new releases, with a very strong lineup of both free and paid games.

The X-Files Deep State

The X-Files: Deep State is a mixture of puzzles, hidden object, and story segments. Players will be asked to investigate a variety of crimes split into separate cases as they talk things out with their partner, interrogate witnesses, and search for evidence. Having more in common with games like Criminal Case than Thimbleweed Park, this might not be the sort of X-Files adventure game that some gamers were hoping for, but there are plenty of people out there that enjoy hidden object adventure games. The X-Files: Deep State is free and contains in app purchases.


Dandara is a new release that provides an experience that few other games on the platform offer. It is a premium pixel art metroidvania platformer with plenty of action. Players will step into the shoes of Dandara, the heroine that will attempt to bring freedom to the oppressed people of the world of Salt. At $14.99, it is definitely a bit more expensive than most Android games, but the game does not contain any ads or in app purchases and has gamepad support.

Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor

Previously named DawnBreak, Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor is an action RPG that lets players collect and power up heroes and fairies before taking them into battle. While that might sound like your every day gacha game, the Dawn Break does a few things to set itself apart. There are only a handful of heroes to collect, and the game’s focus is on powering them up by collecting shards and equipment. The game features a wide range of modes and has a combo driven combat system, though it also has an auto mode. Dawn Break is free and contains in app purchases. Here are some basic Dawn Break tips and information about the game’s many forms of currency.

Caravan War

After a stint in early access and a soft launch phase, Caravan War was official launched this week. Caravan War is a mixture of tower defense and attack gameplay as players try to defend their caravans and attack the caravans of other players. There are different unit types, multiple towers, lots of upgrading to do, and a healthy amount of strategy. Caravan War is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

A surprising departure from the status quo, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a mobile remake of the console version of FF XV. This edition is meant to be a faithful mobile recreation of the Final Fantasy XV experience, allowing players to join Prince Noctis on his journey to reclaim his kingdom. Unlike most recent Square Enix games including last week’s Opera Omnia, Final Fantasy XV: Pocked Edition was not built with in app purchases in mind. Instead the first chapter of the game’s 10 chapters is free and the rest can be purchased.