Weekly Roundup: December 22, 2017

The Weekly Roundup

This week’s weekly roundup includes a mix of new and familiar faces with the release of a few sequels to some popular games. The week also saw the North American release of what might be the most popular mobile game in the world. As always, though free games are tempting, don’t overlook the paid new releases on this list. Paid games can often provide better value as they tend to focus more on quality rather than pushing players towards spending money on in app purchases.

Bridge Constructor Portal

The first of this weekly roundup was published by Headup Games and uses a license of one of Valve’s signature titles. Bridge Constructor Portal combines elements from Valve’s popular Portal franchise with the physics based bridge building puzzles of ClockStone Software’s Bridge Constructor series. is set in Aperture Laboratories as players attempt to set up bridges to get from one side of the map to the other. As with previous Bridge Constructor games, players have access to a variety of parts that they can use to build their bridge. Of course since this is a Portal themed game, players will also need to utilize portals to safely get to the finish line. Bridge Constructor Portal is $4.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here’s a review.


Dash Quest Heroes

Tiny Titan Studios’ popular runner RPG Dash Quest is back with Dash Quest Heroes. Like its predecessor, Dash Quest Heroes is an RPG runner in which players take on a variety of monsters as they head further and further up the screen. The game has a simple control scheme, with the core being swiping to switch lanes, and tapping on one side of the screen to attack and tapping on the other side to block. As players traverse the game’s levels, they can use a variety of skills, weapons and armor to take on the game’s monsters and bosses in this 16 bit retro inspired game. There are also leaderboards, a bit of character customization, and few mini games to mix things up. Dash Quest Heroes is free and contains ads and in app purchases.


Geometry Dash SubZero

The next entry in RobTop’s Geometry Dash series will likely wind up being one of the most downloaded new titles of the week. As with the original game, and Geomtry Dash Meltdown, SubZero offers simple and addicting arcade style runner / platformer gameplay with a nice rhythm. Geometry Dash SubZero is free and contains ads.



Electronic Soul’s new IO style multiplayer action game is available worldwide after a soft launch phase. BarbarQ is the latest in a long list of simple multiplayer games that have made their way to mobile since the release of Agar.io in 2015. This time around players take the role of barbarians that are looking to do nothing more than defeat each other and eat mushrooms. Eating mushroom grants players experience that is used to level up and pick up new skills as each match progresses. The game also features items that can be picked up, including bombs, honey, meat, and more. BarbarQ is free and contains in app purchases.


Ntales: Child of Destiny

Android gamers around the globe can now attempt to save the kingdom of Lansia in Ntales: Child of Destiny. The game has been in its soft launch phase for a short time, and publisher RuleMakr has launched just launched it worldwide. Ntales is a 2D RPG where players take on hordes of monsters as they complete quests in the game’s 200+ maps. Players choose their class and then develop their characters with different equipment, stats, and costumes and pets. While players start out with only 3 classes to choose from (warrior, magician, and cleric) they can develop their characters and choose subclasses like Berserker and Necromancer. The game features a number of modes including both PvE, PVP, and pet battles that let your lower followers duke it out against other players’ minions. Ntales: Child of Desinty is free and contains in app purchases.