Weekly Roundup: December 15, 2017

The Weekly Roundup

This week’s weekly roundup are a bit heavier on ports and premium titles than usual. This week’s new releases included a sci-fi gacha game, a puzzle RPG, an alien trying to prevent his species from becoming food, and some Brutal Brutalness. As always, though free games are tempting, don’t overlook the paid titles on this list. Paid games can often provide better value as they tend to focus more on quality rather than pushing players towards spending money on in app purchases.

Ticket to Earth

Some of the new Android games that arrive each week are ports, and that’s the case with the first two games on this list. Robot Circus’ puzzle RPG mash up Ticket to Earth has arrived on Android. The episodic game offers a unique mix of puzzle and RPG mechanics, with both tile matching and combat. Ticket to Earth is comprised of four episodes, the first two are available right now and episodes 3 & 4 are due at some point in the future. The purchase price includes all of the episodes. The game was originally released on iOS in March of this year and was later ported to PC and Mac. It enjoys 90% positive reviews on Steam. Ticket To Earth is has a regular price of $4.99 and the game is 30% off right now.


Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Publisher Oddworld Inhabitants has released its 2.5D remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee on Android and iOS. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is is primarily a puzzle platformer, where players have to find the best way to get past their enemies and a variety of obstacles. The goal? to prevent Molluk the Glukkon from turning Abe and the Mudokon race from being turned into snacks. The mobile version of New n Tasty features controller support, customizable touch screen controls, and the ability to tweak the game’s graphics settings. Be warned, the game has more hardware requirements than most, so make sure to read the disclaimer on its Google Play page before jumping in. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is $7.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases.


Eden Renaissance – Free

This might not technically be one of this week’s weekly roundup, but it fits the list. Developer The Last Kind has released a free ad supported version of its puzzle game Eden Renaissance. Players step into the shoes of Ran as he navigates the world along with the golem Eden. Ran’s goal? saving the world. As with Geostorm, Eden Renaissance plays a lot like the GO games from Square Enix. Eden has more of a focus on story, with numerous cut-scenes that play out between the game’s many puzzle levels. While the game is playable offline, players are required to watch an ads to progress, and a network connection is needed to watch those ads. Eden Renaissance – Free is free and contains ads.



As with most 111% titles like Karl2 and TO:WAR, Alpha-Beta is a simple arcade game. Players control a mob of characters as they attempt to rescue their comrades. Gamers start out with a group of melee attackers (in the shape of an A), and have to run around the game’s map defeating monsters and acquiring keys. Once a key is acquired, players can find a cell filled with some of their comrades and have them join the fight. It’s an easy gameplay cycle to grasp, and the game’s controls are just as easy to understand. The mob of characters is directed via what is effectively a screen sized virtual joystick. Outside of combat players can use gold they’ve accumulated in the game to power up their units in order to make their next run a little bit easier. Alpha-Beta is free and contains ads and in app purchases.


A Collection of Lemontree. otome Games

Lemontree. otome
This entry is actually 4 games. Korean studio Lemontree. has released a number of its Android otome visual novel games in English. Otome games are essentially romance / dating simulation games that have women as the target demographic. All of the games released are free to try and contain ads and in app purchases. Playing past the first few chapters will cost you either lemon or gold. Lemon is a basic currency, and players will get a certain amount for watching ads, installing other Lemontree. games, and liking or following Lemontree. on social media. Gold is the game’s premium currency and can be purchased via in app purchase. Purchasing gold also removes ads.