The War of Genesis Has Seen Major Changes Since It First Soft Launched

The War of Genesis

Since its soft launch in May, war game turn-based RPG hybrid The War of Genesis has received a number of updates that have both added new content and changed some core elements of the game.

Perhaps the biggest change made to the game is a change in the way players acquire new heroes. Instead of researching each individual hero in a linear order, players now use summoning stones or premium currency to unlock their heroes. Though unlike gacha style hero collection games, players receive free summoning stones when they level up and cannot obtain the same hero twice. The move helps avoid having every player use the exact same heroes as they level up.

The game has also added and enabled a number of new features since the soft launch started, including the creation of user generated story quests, guild stock trading, and the addition and expansion of the challenging Shakbari’s Hardship mode.

The War of Genesis players have also seen the addition of an English voice cast that includes the likes of Cristina Vee (Octopath Traveler, Tales of Berseria), Spike Spencer (Xenoblade Chronicles X, League of Legends), and Wendee Lee (Fire Emblem Heroes, Berserk).

Joycity’s war game also had a number of smaller changes such as multiple level cap increases, more items and technologies for players to research, and a number of user interface changes.

Since it first launched, the game offered players a mixture of traditional mobile war game and turn-based RPG elements. While players need to make sure to level up their base’s various facilities and see they are protected against enemy invasions, they can also take an active role during the game’s turn-based RPG style battles in both the story mode and when facing the game’s monsters or giant mechas for the first time.

The War of Genesis is currently in its soft launch phase and is available on Google Play in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, and Indonesia. Gamers in the rest of the world can turn to changing their Google Play region using a VPN to get the game. Those that would prefer to wait for the game to officially launch in their country will need to wait for its global launch, expected some time later this year.

The War of Genesis is free and contains in app purchases.

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