SHMUP-like Clicker Void Troopers Out of Early Access

Void Troopers

Appxplore has released another clicker/idle game, this time it’s the shoot ’em up themed Void Troopers. Previously available as an early access title, Void Troopers is has players take charge of a fleet of spaceships that are tasked with defending the universe from aliens.

In practice that means continuously upgrading and acquiring different ships as they go up against waves of enemies that are occasionally broken up by boss battles that fill up a large portion of the screen. Despite the game’s appearance and all of the action going on on screen, players don’t have much control over their fleet beyond tapping on the screen to do more damage and upgrades. No movement to dodge enemy fire here. Outside of just taking on waves of enemies, players are able to send their ships off on missions that will yield more resources.

As with many other clickers, players have the option of restarting their adventure while gaining a certain advantage for their next playthrough using the game’s time traveling mechanic.

Void Troopers is free and contains in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new clicker on Google Play.

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