Early Access Version of Sci-Fi Clicker Void Troopers Launched

Void Troopers

Appxplore, the company behind Crab War, Alien Path, and most recently Light a Way, has just launched the early access version of the company’s new sci-fi tapper/cicker. Void Troopers tasks players with recruiting new ship captains and taking down the alien hordes as they defend the galaxy from the Xurlocks.

As part of the game’s early access launch, it is currently limited to the first 10,000 users who download it.

Developed by Hypernova Interactive, Void Troopers puts players at the helm of their ship and tasks them with shooting down waves of enemy ships. This being a clicker / tapper rather than a SHMUP, players have no real control over aiming or movement. Instead players tap on the screen to shoot and use their resources to upgrade their arsenal. Users will also be able to recruit new captains to expand their fleet as they advance in the game. As is often the case with clickers, players will eventually be able to restart the game with the ability to unlock new upgrades.

Hypernova Interactive is an India based developer that has previously released War Tanks, a head to head tank battle game. They had also released Space Titans, a clicker that is extremely similar to Void Troopers. Space Titans has since been removed from Google Play.

Void Troopers is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

  • SHOOT down an endless stream of alien spaceships from the Void!
  • Tap furiously to kill BOSSES before they destroy your shields
  • Send your CAPTAINS on space expeditions to earn gold while you idle
  • Build a majestic SPACE FLEET by recruiting captains and upgrading ships
  • Unlock an arsenal of badass sci-fi WEAPONS to wreck your enemies
  • Become a TIME-TRAVELLER and restart your journey to gain even more powerful techs

Interested? Check out the clicker on Google Play.

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