A Virtual Joystick Control Scheme is Coming to Vainglory

Vainglory 5 vs 5

One of the defining features of Super Evil Megacorp’s popular MOBA is the use of tap controls instead of a virtual joystick. For many, this is a love-it or hate-it option that separates Vainglory from other mobile MOBAs like Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, and the recently released Paladins Strike. Well that’s about to change in an upcoming patch.

In a post on the game’s official Reddit page, Ciderhelm (Patrick O’Callahan) announced that the esports focused MOBA will soon be getting a few new features. The most notable is a new option to use a virtual joystick.

Super Evil Megacorp will not be removing the game’s signature touch control scheme, instead opting to make both options available and letting users decide which one suits them and their chosen heroes. Because some users may prefer tap controls in some situations and joystick controls in others, the plan is to make switching between the two possible during matches.

Along with the new control scheme, Vainglory will soon be getting voice chat and ranked leaderboards. Rewards for rankings will be available in a future update.

Vainglory has been the premier competitive MOBA game on Android and iOS since the game’s launch in 2014 on iOS and 2015 on Android. The game’s developer has focused on skill based gameplay and shied away from any features that give paying users an advantage. This changed in some of the game’s casual modes in 2017, but ranked play remains untouched.

While Vainglory was the biggest mobile MOBA for a time, that time has passed. Moonton’s Mobile Legends has passed 100 million downloads through Google Play alone, and Tencent’s Arena of Valor has over 5 million downloads in North America and Europe alone, and is incredibly popular in China. When launched these games offered a different experience from Vainglory as they offered 5 vs 5 matches and joystick controls. Earlier this year Vainglory added a 5 vs 5 mode, and will soon add optional an optional virtual joystick control scheme. While no longer the most popular mobile MOBA game, Vainglory is one Android Sloth’s best Android MOBA games.

Vainglory is available on Google Play.