5 vs 5 Mode for MOBA “Vainglory” Has Arrived

Vainglory 5 vs 5

It might be a long time coming, but Super Evil Megacorp’s multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Vainglory now has a 5 vs 5 mode. Originally launched on Android in 2014, Vainglory was one of the few games that attempted to bring the competitive gaming scene to mobile. The game originally launched in 2014 with just its 3 vs 3 mode, a scaled down version of the PC MOBA experience that was made to better fit on mobile devices. Fast forward a few years, and now Vainglory has a number of competitors in the competitive mobile MOBA space. Up until now, Vainglory was the only major mobile MOBA game not to offer a 5 vs 5 mode.

Vainglory’s new 5 vs 5 update comes with a new three lane map, various balance changes, new items, and an update to the game’s engine. The new map is called Sovereign’s Rise, and as one might as expect, it’s a three lane map. Some of the game’s characters have had their speed and durability increased to be better equipped for the larger map and greater number of players. To read more about the update check out the game’s official website.

Other than the absence of a 5 vs 5 mode, there have been two major differences between Vainglory and most other mobile MOBA games. The first is that Vainglory uses tap to move controls instead of a virtual joystick, making for a fundamentally different gaming experience than games like Arena of Valor. The second was that Vainglory avoided any sort of methods of upgrading characters using items that could effectively be purchased with real money. Though such items were added in an eventual update, they were not usable in the game’s main competitive mode. Other mobile MOBAs tend to have an upgrade system that lets players customize their character, and those systems may give players who spend money an advantage or faster path to getting upgrades. These systems do not create nearly the competitive imbalance that other mobile games have.

As a promo for the game’s new 5 vs 5 mode, gamers who play the game during the launch period of the new mode will receive an exclusive “Founding 5 vs 5” badge.

Vainglory is free and contains in app purchases.

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