Upcoming Android Games: March 2018 and Beyond

Upcoming Android games: Shadowgun Legends
Shadowgun Legends promises impressive graphics

February 2018 saw a number of big games arrive on Android. Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV: Pocked Edition giving mobile gamers a chance to experience the game for the first time, Flero Games release of Grimms Notes was made available in English, and the month started off with the release of hero collection shooter Hero Hunters. Oh and Tekken was finally released in the U.S. and just about everywhere else. While March will likely see a number of big games make their debut, some of the games on this list may not be released this month. As always, new unexpected upcoming Android games will fill the void any games that may miss their scheduled release date or are simply released later than expected

If you’re looking for games that are available now, check out Android Sloth’s weekly roundup, a weekly list of some of the newest games to hit Android smartphones and tablets.

Please note that some upcoming Android games may launch a day prior to the official release date, or the release date might be based on a particular time zone. For example, Monument Valley 2 was released at 9 PM GMT, which is 1 AM PST, and 9 PM AEDT.

Some of the games on this list may already be available in the usual regions that get in early on soft launches (Australia, Canada, parts of Southeast Asia). So Google Play links are provided whenever a game is either available somewhere, or has opened up pre-registration. Some of these games also have pre-registration bonuses if pre-register on their official site so check out Android Sloth’s list of games with open pre-registration. So here are 10+ games that are coming soon to Android:

Shadowgun Legends

MADFINGER Games, the people behind the successful Dead Trigger and Shadowgun franchises, are trying to make another hit with Shadowgun Legends. One of the most graphically impressive upcoming Android games, Legends is currently in its soft launch phase. The game promises a whole slew of features. That includes character customization that allows players to create their own classes by choosing from over 50 different active and passive skills, controller support, a persistent world, and much much more. It also promises a lot of content, with over 500 different weapons and pieces of armor. Shadowgun Legends will be free to play, so the game’s monetization strategy might be a big part of how well it will be received. Shadowgun Legends now has a release date of March 22nd. Pre-registration is available. Update: Shadowgun Legends is now available.

Chain Strike

Chain Strike is a strategy RPG with a twist. The game takes place on a game board where players need to move in order to take advantage of their characters attack range and set up pincer attacks. They have to do that while their opponent does the same thing. Outside of the game’s interesting combat system, Chain Strike has a lot of typical hero collection gacha game elements and a story told through visual novel-like cutscenes. Based on a Com2uS’ Q4 financial press release, Chain Strike is scheduled to be released sometime in March. It will be free to play and contain in app purchases and pre-registration is available. Update: Chain Strike has a release date: the strategy RPG will be available on March 28th. Gamers in Europe can already play the game thanks to its early launch in the region. Please note that only the game’s are open as part of the European launch. Update: Chain Strike is now available. Android Sloth’s Chain Strike review is also up.

Rise of Ragnarok

Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder is an action RPG featuring a number of classes and both PVP and PVE content that will take players to locations inspired by both history and legend. Pre-registration is now available and there are rewards for registering.
Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder will give users the choice between playing as a deadly assassin, a sturdy warrior, a mage with ranged attacks, and a cleric. The game promises massive PVP and guild battles, boss fights, pets to collect, and hundreds of pieces of equipment. Rise of Ragnarok will be free and contain in app purchases. Pre-registration is available. The game is currently in beta and available in select countries.

Heir of Light

Developed by Funflow, Heir of Light is the newest gacha game from publisher Gamevil.gacha hero collection mechanics. As with most gacha games, Heir of Light features auto play, lots of heroes to collect, and a variety of modes. Outside of the usual gacha game features, the game focuses on a unique world map system that lets players pick their quests and missions and unlock new ones based on what they have completed.
The game also features a master-servant team building system, where players select one master and 3 servants. Picking complementary servants will let players unleash stronger abilities using the master. Heir of Light will be free with in app purchases and it has a scheduled release date of March 6th. Pre-registration is available. Update: The game has been released.

Legacy of Atlantis

Legacy of Atlantis is an action RPG takes place hundreds of years after the fall of the advanced continent of Atlantis. The world is in the midst of a war between humans and elves. The story serves as a way of setting up the game’s short missions where players and their AI controlled companions take on waves of enemies. The game contains all of the usual mobile RPG modes, including a no-frills arena mode. Legacy of Atlantis will be free and contain in app purchases. Pre-registration is available. Update: The game has been released.