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Upcoming Android Games June 2018 and Beyond

May is in the books and it brought Android users a bunch of interesting new games including a mobile port of JRPG Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, the card fighting game Dragon Ball Legends, escape style puzzle game Faraway 3, and many others.

Now June is upon us and so is a new batch of upcoming Android gamers to look forward to. This month gamers should see new RPGs from Gamevil, Nexon and Netmarble, and more than a few unusual games.

If you’re looking for games that are available now, check out Android Sloth’s weekly roundup, a weekly list of some of the newest games to hit Android smartphones and tablets.

Please note that some upcoming Android games may launch a day prior to the official release date, or the release date might be based on a particular time zone. For example, Monument Valley 2 was released at 9 PM GMT, which is 1 AM PST, and 9 PM AEDT.

Some of the games on this list may already be available in the usual regions that get in early on soft launches (Australia, Canada, parts of Southeast Asia). So Google Play links are provided whenever a game is either available somewhere, or has opened up pre-registration. Some of these games also have pre-registration bonuses if pre-register on their official site so check out Android Sloth’s list of games with open pre-registration.

10 Upcoming Android Games for June 2018 and Beyond

Darkness Rises

Developed by Boolean Games and published by Nexon, Darkness Rises is effectively Dark Avenger 3. It’s an action RPG with many of the standard features of mobile action RPGs, including lots of small rooms filled with monsters, short levels, and a lot of flashy action. There are numerous different modes including co-op dungeons, co-op boss raids, multiple PVP modes, and a tower to climb. Where Darkness Rises excels is character customization.

Although gender locked, the game’s four characters/classes can be customized to a great degree. That includes odd options like having blue skin, or extremely long and skinny arms as well as the ability to pick a character’s eye shadow or calve size. Players can change their appearance after they create their character and even dye their gear to match the look they’re going for.

Though it may not be as grand as it first appears, as some of the advertised features like rideable monsters and fishing lose their luster after the 25th time a player completes the same level, Darkness Rises does offer plenty of opportunities for fun. Darkness Rises has a scheduled global release date of June 22nd and will be free and contain in app purchases. Pre-registration is available. Update: Now Available.

Giants War

Gamevil’s release schedule is packed with Talion’s closed beta test, the recent release of strategy game Gardius War, and the upcoming release of PVP focused RPG Royal Blood. Hero collection RPG Giants War fits right into that schedule. The game lets players collect a variety of heroes that and send them to battle against enemies big and small. Giants War is scheduled to launch on June 12th, 2018, and will be free and contain in app purchases. Pre-registration is available. Update: Now Available.

Royal Blood

Gamevil’s second game on the list is their large scale PVP focused online RPG Royal Blood. The upcoming game’s big promise is 70 vs 70 realm vs realm combat, letting players participate in massive battles from their smartphones or tablets. Beyond the game’s main selling feature, it will also have a 3 vs 3 arena, PVE raids, a tower to climb, and a four classes to choose from. Royale Blood will be free to play and contain in app purchases, it has a scheduled release date of June 4th, 2018. Pre-registration is available. Update: Now available.

Knights Chronicle

After the releases of strategy game Iron Throne and fishing game Fishing Strike, Korean publisher Netmarble is looking to add another RPG to its growing catalog. Originally released in Japan in 2016, Knights Chronicle is a turn based hero collection RPG with an emphasis on storytelling. The game’s story play out in visual novel style cut scenes, with some having voiceovers.

From a gameplay standpoint, it’s a fairly standard turn based RPG with each hero having a number of skills that players can choose from. Like most gacha games, players can benefit from proper team building and synergy between heroes, but often times difficulty (or a lack of a challenge) will come from the strength of one’s heroes. Knights Chronicle is scheduled to launch on June 14th, 2018 and will be free and contain in app purchases. Pre-registration is available. Update: Now available.

One Piece Bounty Rush

One Piece Bounty Rush is an action game that lets users play as some of the iconic characters from the One Piece franchise as they engage in multiplayer battles. Bounty Rush originally launched in February, but the game’s launch state was plagued by enough problems that publisher Bandai Namco decided to pull the game from Google Play and the App Store shortly after it was released. The unusual move came with an announcement that the game will undergo long term maintenance. Bandai Namco is expected to update fans about the state of the PVP focused action game in June, and a release soon thereafter would not be surprising. Update: While Bandai Namco released an update regarding the status of Bounty Rush, the game will not be released any time soon.