Upcoming Android Games: July 2018 and Beyond

Upcoming Android games July 2018
Alto's Odyssey will finally arrive on Google Play in July.

June has come and gone it brought Android gamers a number of interesting new games including a great 3D platformer, a fast paced action RPG with great character customization, a fun new rhythm game, and many other titles worth playing. July 2018 is shaping up to be a great month thanks to a good crop of upcoming Android games.

Now July is upon us and so is a new batch of upcoming Android gamers to look forward to. This month gamers should see a number of big new releases including the sequel to the indie hit Alto’s Adventure, a new zombie themed GPS enabled AR game, and a food themed hero collection game.

If you’re looking for games that are available now, check out Android Sloth’s weekly roundup, a weekly list of some of the newest games to hit Android smartphones and tablets.

Please note that some upcoming Android games may launch a day prior to the official release date, or the release date might be based on a particular time zone. For example, Monument Valley 2 was released at 9 PM GMT, which is 1 AM PST, and 9 PM AEDT.

Some of the games on this list may already be available in the usual regions that get in early on soft launches (Australia, Canada, parts of Southeast Asia). Some of these games also have pre-registration bonuses if pre-register on their official site so check out Android Sloth’s list of games with open pre-registration.

Alto’s Odyssey

If the wildly popular Alto’s Adventure is any indication, Alto’s Odyssey will likely end up as the biggest game of July 2018. The sequel to the popular runner adds a variety of visual enhancements, new biomes, and a number of other improvements and additions. Notably, Odyssey includes a zen mode that lets players enjoy the game without distractions like coins, scores and power-ups. Fans of the game’s will be happy to know that the game will have a photo mode, letting players frame the perfect shot of their trip down the mountain. Alto’s Odyssey is scheduled to launch some time in July. Pre-registration is available.

Dere Evil Exe

The sequel to Dere .EXE is a retro style platformer at its core and has a meta story that ties the game to other AppSir titles. As players jump their way through various environments as ‘Knightly’, they will encounter traps, enemies, and a number of different monsters representing their creator’s greatest fears. Dere Evil Exe has a scheduled release date of July 4th, 2018. It will be free and contain ads and an in app purchase to remove them. Update: Released a day early.

Boxing Star

4:33’s Boxing Star features a smooth hip-hop soundtrack, great visuals, and some reflex driven boxing action. The game is broken down into two sections: a story mode that has players go through a gauntlet of fighters and an online mode that has players take on AI controlled versions of other players. Outside of that there are upgradeable gloves and protective gear, skills to learn, and unlockable character customization gear. Boxing Star has a scheduled release date of Jul 12th, 2018. It will be free and contain in app purchases, pre-registration is available.

The Walking Dead: Our World

A new GPS enabled augmented reality game will soon join the fray. The upcoming Android release of The Walking Dead: Our World will let mobile users team up with characters from AMC’s television show as they roam their city looking for walkers to fight. Players will need to be mindful of their gear while hunting the undead, and the game has a number of different weapons for players to collect and upgrade. The game even has a bit of a multiplayer component to it, allowing players to unite to save their neighborhood from the undead. Already available in select regions, The Walking Dead: Our World has a scheduled release date of July 12th, 2018. It will be free and contain in app purchases, pre-registration is available.

Identity V

One of the most exciting upcoming Android games for players looking for a hardcore gaming experience, Identity V will give players a chance to hunt or be hunted in 4 vs 1 multiplayer matches. Players are split into a team of four survivors and one hunter, with the former being tasked with escaping while the latter is tasked with capturing the survivors. The game has multiple characters, each with their own special abilities, character customization, and a randomized map that helps keep the game fresh. Identity V was released on July 5th on iOS the Android version has a release date of July 11th, 2018. It will be free and contain in app purchases, pre-registration is available. Update: Out now.