Upcoming Android Games: February 2018 and Beyond

Hero Hunters

January saw the global release of a new game based on the Ragnarok Online universe, the mobile version of a naval combat title, a puzzle game with hundreds of levels, and plenty of other interesting titles. January did not see the releases of some of the major releases like The Sims Mobile, Tekken, and Shadowgun Legends. While February will likely see a number of big games make their debut, some of the games on this list may not be released this month. As always, new unexpected upcoming Android games will fill the void any games that may miss their scheduled release date or are simply released later than expected

If you’re looking for games that are available now, check out Android Sloth’s weekly roundup, a weekly list of some of the newest games to hit Android smartphones and tablets.

Please note that sometimes games will launch a day prior to the official release date, or the release date might be based on a particular time zone. For example, Monument Valley 2 was released at 9 PM GMT, which is 1 AM PST, and 9 PM AEDT.

Some of the games on this list may already be available in the usual regions that get in early on soft launches (Australia, Canada, parts of Southeast Asia). So Google Play links are provided whenever a game is either available somewhere, or has opened up pre-registration. Some of these games also have pre-registration bonuses if pre-register on their official site so check out Android Sloth’s list of games with open pre-registration. So here are 10+ games that are coming soon to Android:

Hero Hunters

From the developers of the Kill Shot series, Hero Hunters combines cover based shooting, hero collection and RPG elements to create a unique experience. Players will need to collect and power up their team of heroes that includes frontline, mid range, and long range units and then take them into the game’s multiple PVE, PVP, and co-op modes. The scheduled global release date for Hero Hunters is Febuary 1st, 2018. The game will be free and contain ads and in app purchases. Pre-registration is available. Update: The Game is now out and Android Sloth has a review of the game.


Netease games is becoming a major mobile player in the West thanks to the releases of the MMORPG Crusaders of Light and a series of battle royale games. Now it looks to launch Onmyoji, a visually striking gacha game with a turn based combat system. Players will need to collect and power up spirits called shikigami and go into battle in the game’s single and multiplayer modes. Already available in select markets, Onmyoji will be free to play when the global version launches on Android on February 1st, 2018. Update: The game is now available.


Android gamers looking for more premium console-like experiences on the go may be in luck this month. Dandara offers rich pixel-art graphics, gravity defying action gameplay, and metroidvania elements. Players will step into the shoes of Dandara, the heroine that will attempt to bring freedom to the oppressed people of the world of Salt. Dandara will be $14.99 and will not contain any in app purchases. It has a scheduled release date of February 6th, 2018. Update: The game is now available.

The X-Files: Deep State

The X-Files: Deep State is an upcoming adventure game from Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games. The game will be a puzzle adventure game where players explore a variety of cases involving aliens, government conspiracies, and other X-Filesy topics. While players will be able to customize their own character, the game will also feature appearances from some of the series regulars. The X-Files: Deep State will have a focus on storytelling with gameplay that will involve finding hidden clues, collecting evidence, and interrogating witnesses. The X-Files: Deep State will launch on February 6th, 2018 and it will be free to play with in app purchases. Update: The game is now available.

Kitty Powers’ Love Life

Developer Magic Notion will release a sequel to its well received Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker in early February. Players will be put in charge of a town and once again need to play matchmaker to a variety of procedurally generated couples. Gamers will need to make sure their town meets the needs of their couples as they help develop their relationships. Kitty Powers’ Love Life is scheduled to be released on February 8th 2018. It does not have a confirmed price point at this time.