Upcoming Android Games: August 2018 and Beyond

Upcoming Android games: August 2018
Defend your coffee shop from hipsters in the upcoming Hipster Attack.

July saw major releases that include global launches of MapleStory M, Boxing Star, and Food Fantasy. It also saw the launch of what might be the best mobile city builder, Pocket City, as well as the Android version endless runner Alto’s Odyssey. The upcoming Android games of August promise a number of games worth watching, including a mobile game starring viral star Bendy, a number of intriguing strategy games, gachas, and a game with hipsters in it.

Upcoming Android Games: August 2018 and beyond

Bendy in Nightmare Run

Nightmare Run is a boss runner based on the popular Bendy and the Ink Machine episodic horror game. The game and it’s unique black and white cartoon aesthetic will have players try and avoid obstacles while running away from a number of large bosses. The game will feature multiple playable characters, bosses, and levels to play through. Android users with less powerful devices should not get their hopes too high for this one, as the game lists an iPhone 6S as a minimum requirement on the iOS side of things. Bendy in Nightmare Run has an expected release date that falls some time in August 2018. It will be free to play and contain in app purchases.
Bendy in Nightmare Run

Mad Rocket: Fog of War

Boxing Star publisher 4:33’s Mad Rocket is a game that has players deploy units to take down enemy bases in what one might describe as a Clash of Clans-like battle system with one big twist. Players don’t have a full view of their opponent’s base, instead everything is hidden behind a fog of war. The reduced visibility is one of the biggest obstacles players will have when attacking, and dealing planning ahead can be the difference between a surgical strike and walking into an area filled with turrets. Mad Rocket: Fog of War will be free to play and contain in app purchases, pre-registration is available.

Castle Burn

Castle Burn is another head-to-head real-time strategy game in the same vein as Clash Royale. What it does differently is allowing players to build structures in order to generate more resources, level up their base within matches, and allow them to see through the game’s the fog of war in each match. That’s enough to differentiate it from most titles in the genre. Castle Burn will be free and contain in app purchases, pre-registration is available. Update: Out now.

MARVEL Battle Lines

A new MARVEL game from MapleStory M publisher Nexon. Marvel is a strategic card game that lets players collect cards with characters from throughout the MARVEL universe and play them to unleash attacks against opponent cards and the opponent directly. The “battle lines” mechanic allows players to do more damage if they arrange cards in a certain formation as the play them, and gives opponents an incentive to stop such card combinations. The brand behind the game might make it one of the biggest upcoming Android games around. MARVEL Battle Lines will be free and contain in app purchases.

Cube Escape: Paradox

The latest escape-style puzzle game from Rusty Hotel is the company’s most ambitious yet. Paradox will look to combine a short-film (to be released on YouTube) and game that will look to compliment each other. The movie will offer clues for solving some of the game’s puzzles and escaping the room players will find themselves in, while the game will add context to the short film. Cube Escape: Paradox will have be free and offer a second chapter with new puzzles as an optional purchase. Both the game and movie are expected to launch in September 2018. Pre-registration is available.