Turn-Based Zombie Puzzle Game “Until Dead” Launched

Until Dead - Think to Survive

Gamers looking for more zombies in their life are in luck. Monomyto Game Studio’s dark zombie puzzle game Until Dead has wrapped up its beta phase.

Until Dead is a mixture of turn-based puzzle and strategy gameplay as players move on the game’s square tiles in order to survive in a world filled with zombies. Players will need to sneak up on their enemies as head on attacks will lead to an untimely death. It is a game that is in the same group as Square Enix Montreal’s GO series and similar titles like Geostorm and Eden Reinsurance. That might mean taking a slightly longer path, or waiting until a zombie turns his back before walking up to it and triggering one of the game’s violent kill animations.

The game’s core mode is a story mode that follows detective John Mur’s life after a zombie outbreak. Though not available at launch, Until Dead is set to feature a creation mode that will allow players to build and share their own levels.

Until Dead – Think to Survive is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Until Dead is a puzzle game with turn-based mechanics and tactical combat. In this game, you control John Mur, an adventurous detective, and explorer that by your skills can survive in a chaotic world that for some reason transformed big part of humanity on zombies. Helps John Mur to find clues and join on a big adventure looking for answers for reveal this mystery. But, take care! It’s better to think to survive.

Interested? Check out the zombie puzzle game on Google Play.

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