Diceroll & Devolver Digital Unveil Puzzle Game Umiro


Diceroll Studios and indie publisher powerhouse Devolver Digital are teaming up to release a unique puzzle game later this month. Umiro stars schoolmates Huey and Satuara as they navigate the world by solving colorful stylized puzzles. While the game’s visuals might at first bring to mind titles like Monument Valley, the gameplay shown promises a unique experience. The game promises to reward players who plan ahead and keep timing in mind as they guide the game’s heroes by drawing their paths forward.

Devolver Digital is an independent game publisher that has grown to become a force in indie gaming. Since the company’s creation in 2008 it has published titles like Hotline Miami, OlliOlli, The Talos Principle, and Enter the Gungeon. On Android Devolver Digital’s most recognizable releases are Reigns, its sequel Reigns: Her Majesty and Downwell.

Diceroll Studios is a small development studio out of Singapore. Umiro, originally called Recolor is the company’s first project.

Umiro will be $2.99. It has a scheduled release date of March 29th, 2018 on Android, iOS and Steam. Here’s the game’s debut trailer with a look at Umiro’s gameplay:

Update: You can now pre-register for Umiro on Google Play.
Interested? Check out the game’s official website.

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