Treasure Raiders Is a New Mobile Action RPG

Treasure Raiders

Treasure Raiders is a new action RPG from the folks at Oasis Games and NetEase Games. The game attempts to combine shooting, RPG, and action game mechanics into one cohesive free to play package. Players will need to level up and upgrade their gear as they play in order to take on the game’s increasingly difficult monsters, bosses and challenges. Treasure Raiders gives gamers 5 characters to choose from, including a mech piloting 10 month old baby with the brain of an experienced researcher. Players will have access to a number of modes including co-op, PVP, boss fights, a single player story mode, and a variety of events.

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Follow the storyline deep into treasures, getaway chases, tricky traps, boss battles, and dungeons await your challenge!

Collect tons of different weapons and try different combinations. Upgrade your weapons to make them more powerful, and collect super rare epic and legendary weapons.

Show your skills and shine in PvP battles! Gather your friends to form a strong team, climb the rankings, and receive unlimited glory!

Interested? Check out Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis on Google Play.

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