Characters From Tower of God Have Arrived In Fantasy War Tactics R

Fantasy War Tactics R - Tower of God Collaboration

Fans of Nexon’s strategy RPG Fantasy War Tactics R now have some extra content to explore thanks to a collaboration between the game and the Webtoon Tower of God.

Fantasy War Tactics R players can now collect new heroes from Tower of God, including Bam, Endorsi, Khun, and Yuri. Beyond just collecting a few new heroes, players will also be able to try and complete themed daily achievements, and try their hand at Tower of Mirage, an all new crossover dungeon. There are also new Tower of God themed items to collect.

The event has now started and runs until April 26th, 2018.

Tower of God is a popular Webtoon that focuses on Twenty-Fifth Bam as he enters the tower in search of his friend Rachel. Along the way he meets new friends and enemies, discovers his powers, and continues to climb towards the top of the tower. Tower of God is a Line Webtoon created by SIU. At this time there have been 375 issues of the comic published. Webtoons stand out from manga and comic books because issues tend to be created as a single long vertical page that players scroll through rather than being separated into pages that readers flip through.

Fantasy War Tactics is Nexon’s signature strategy RPG game. Since its release in 2015 it has received numerous updates, including a major revision that also changed the game’s title to Fantasy War Tactics R. The game lets players take advantage of various bonuses based on their positioning as well as advantages based on character types. Unlike other gacha games players do not try to use the mechanic to get new characters but instead try for new equipment. The game’s overall quality and accessibility for free to play users have landed it on Android Sloth’s list of the best gacha games on Android.

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