Tokyo Ghoul :re birth Is Heading To The West

Tokyo Ghoul :re birth

Bandai Namco is bringing ‘Tokyo Ghoul :re invoke’ to audiences outside of Japan as Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth], and pre-registration for the upcoming hero collection game is now open.

The upcoming hero collection game features characters from throughout the Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime franchise battling for control of Tokyo’s 23 wards. The game separates itself from other mobile RPGs by having players compete as either ghouls or humans in the game’s seasonal territory battles.

:re birth is a turn-based RPG that has players build a 6 person team to take on any trouble they might encounter on the streets of Tokyo. Though users have control over a few things, like targeting, battles are largely determined by which side has the more powerful units and elemental advantages.

As one might guess based on Bandai Namco’s track record, this is a gacha game. Players will be able to collect and power up some of the game’s 100+ characters, including the franchise’s original protagonist Ken Kaneki and more recent characters like the Quinx Squad’s Ginshi Shirazu.

Tokyo Ghoul :re birth first launched in Japan in early 2017 as Tokyo Ghoul :re invoke, a follow-up to 2015’s Tokyo Ghoul: Carnival. Since :re birth’s Japanese debut, the game has received numerous updates and new character additions.

Tokyo Ghoul :re birth should not be confused with Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War. Though both games are based off of the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, Dark War is a brawler style action RPG from a different developer.

Tokyo Ghoul :re birth will be free and contain in app purchases. Here is the game’s first English trailer:

Interested? Check out the upcoming RPG on Google Play.

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