An Animated Film Based on “To the Moon” Announced

To the Moon

The core of the film is set to be produced in Japan by unannounced production companies in partnership with Beijing’s Ultron Event Horizon. Ken Gao, the creator of To the Moon, will be consulting on the film’s script.

First released on Steam in 2011, To the Moon is a story driven adventure games that looks back at the life of an elderly man. The game has garnered rave reviews from fans and critics alike, currently holding 96% positive reviews on Steam. It was eventually ported to Android and iOS by ICEY publisher X.D. Network, with a later patch that added a music box feature that let players experience the game’s soundtrack.

Freebird Games released Finding Paradise, a follow-up to To the Moon in December of 2017. Although similar in nature, the story is independent of the events that players may have experienced in To the Moon. Finding Paradise is only available on Steam at this time, where it holds 98% positive user reviews.

Here is Ken Gao announcing the upcoming film: