Puzzle RPG “Ticket to Earth” Arrives on Android

Ticket to Earth

Robot Circus’ puzzle RPG mash up Ticket to Earth has arrived on Android. The episodic game offers a unique mix of puzzle and RPG mechanics, with both tile matching and combat. Unlike other games that mix the two genres by having both match 3 and combat, Ticket to Earth seeks to combine the two by having both the game’s puzzle element and combat play out in the same area.

Ticket to Earth is comprised of four episodes, the first two are available right now and episodes 3 & 4 are due at some point in the future. The purchase price includes all of the episodes. The game was originally released on iOS in March of this year and was later ported to PC and Mac. It enjoys 90% positive reviews on Steam.

Ticket To Earth is has a regular price of $4.99 and the game is 30% off right now. The game does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


SF Episodic Narrative!
Join Rose, Wolf, Doc and Seven as they race across New Providence to stop a criminal conspiracy.

Original genre mash-up!
Introducing a new style of gameplay that blends puzzle and tactics games. Ticket to Earth is the quick-play, mission-based RPG you’ve been waiting for.

Fight For Justice!
Play as Melee and Ranged Peace Keepers, armed with over one hundred Combat Powers. Fight against a cabal of twisted enemies – desperate criminals, murderous machines and terrifying mutants.

Join The Movement!
The Stellar Consciousness Movement will help you reach your true human potential. Develop your talents, build better heroes!

Interested? Check out the puzzle RPG on Google Play.

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