Aerial Combat Game Thunderdogs Officially Launches on Android and iOS


Fans of dogfighting (aerial combat, not animal abuse) have a new retro arcade game to try out as Thunderdogs launches on Android and iOS. The new real-time multiplayer aerial combat game gives players a chance to take to the skies using 50+ unlockable aircraft.

Thunderdogs is an .io style multiplayer game that offers gamers quick dogfighting action as they attempt to climb the game’s leaderboards. Players need to collect and hold onto bones in order to climb the leaderboard while avoiding being shot down and having another player pick up their bone collection.

The controls and interface are simple, with one side of the screen being used to move and the other to shoot. That level of simplicity is typical of .io titles which rely on being easy to pick up and play. While the game has simple controls, it does have a bit of variety in its level design. Players will find themselves fighting over a number of different environments, and the levels are more than just a backdrop for the action. Levels have their own themes and environmental obstacles for players to take advantage of or avoid. For instance in one of the game’s levels, players need to avoid debris from an active volcano while trying to gun down their opponents.

Despite its multiplayer focus, Thunderdogs also gives players the option to play offline against AI controlled opponents.

The aerial combat game was previously available on Android as part of its beta test and is now available on both Android and iOS. Thunderdogs is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Interested? Check out the new aerial combat game on Google Play.

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