Board Game Adaptation Through the Ages Now on Android

Through the Ages - a game with asynchronous multiplayer

Czech Games Edition (CGE) has released a mobile adaptation of the popular board game Through the Ages is now available on Android. Players must use their resources to advance their civilization, you guessed it, through the ages. Though that might sound to some like the Civilization franchise, this is very much a board game. Chance will play a role as you draw cards that will go help determine what your options are. Then your strategic prowess can begin to go to work on formulating a plan for advancement. Politics, technology, resource management, and buildings can all play a role in your victory or defeat in Through the Ages. The game can be played with up to four players and offers both online and offline multiplayer options. That includes the ever-important option for asynchronous online multiplayer. If you need more information, check out a the features CGE Digital has chosen to highlight for Through the Ages, as well as the game’s launch trailer:

The advertised features include:

  • Engaging tutorial.
  • Hundreds of card combinations providing endless replayability.
  • 3 levels of AI opponents for solo play.
  • Online multiplayer asynchronous games.
  • Ability to play with a friend online or on the same device.
  • Original board game rules or a streamlined digital version.
  • A dozen challenges requiring different strategies.

Through the Ages is priced at $9.99 with no ads or IAPs. CGE Digital is also behind the successful mobile adaptation of Galaxy Trucker, which has managed to maintain a very high user rating of 4.8.

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