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Thimbleweed Park Now Available on Android

Thimbleweed Park is an X-Files inspired classic point and click (or tap) adventure game. Players switch between 5 different characters as they explore the mysteries of Thimbleweed Park. Look forward to plenty of jokes and puzzles in this game. The Android version was originally scheduled for October 3rd, 2017, but was delayed a week to ensure it was compatible with as many devices as possible. As part of the delay announcement, developer Terrible Toybox confirmed that the Android version would be compatible with gamepads, and for those looking for more old-school authenticity, a keyboard and mouse.

Officially announced in 2014 as a Kickstart project that went on to raise $626,250 in crowdfunding, Thimbleweed Park is a project from a team led by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick. Both Gilbert and Winnick worked on classic LucasArts (Lucasfilm Games) adventure games in the late 1980s and early 90s, most notable Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. Gilbert was also the director on The Cave, a Double Fine adventure game that was eventually ported to Android. Thimbleweed aims to capture the humour, and cleverness that made many of the classic LucasArts adventure games so special.

Thimbleweed Park was originally released in March 2017 on PC, and has since been released on PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. As with all other platforms, Thimblweed Park is $9.99 on Google Play without any ads or in app purchases. That is half price compared to other platforms. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with some more information:

Key Features:
– From Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.
– A neo-noir mystery set in 1987.
– 5 playable characters who can work together… or get on each other’s nerves.
– Not a walking simulator!
– Satisfying puzzles intertwined with a twisty-turny story that will stay with you.
– 1980s-style telephone hint line gives in-game puzzle help — if you want it
– A vast, bizarre world to explore at your own pace.
– A joke every 2 minutes… guaranteed!*
– Casual and Hard modes with varied difficulty.
– English voices with English, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish subtitles.
*Not a guarantee.

Interested? Check out Thimbleweed Park on Google Play

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