The Weekly Roundup: Mar 23, 2018

The Weekly Roundup

This was one of the slower weeks for new titles, but there are still some interesting new releases to discuss. The week saw the global release of a major battle royale game, one of the most anticipated games of the year, a simple golf game from Nitrome, a match-3 title, and more.

As always, while the new free Android games on this list might get the most attention, don’t overlook new paid games. Paid games can often provide a better value as they’re not trying to push you towards in app purchases or wasting your time with advertisements. Though this week was definitely light on paid games.
Here are 10 new games released in the past week you should be aware of:

Shadowgun Legends

One of the most anticipated games of the year has arrived. MADFINGER Games has, finally, released their newest shooter Shadowgun Legends. The game takes a Destiny-like approach to the genre, with a persistent world and lots of stuff for players to do. Players can go through the game’s story mode, take on others in PVP action, or work on collecting some of the game’s hundreds of pieces of weapons and armor. Shadowgun Legends is free and contains in app purchases.

Nano Golf

Nano Golf: Putting Puzzle is a new mobile mini golf game featuring 70+ levels and lots of obstacles to deal with. Players will need to put through windmills, avoid lasers, blast through sand traps, and deal with portals as they try to get to the hole in as few strokes as possible. The simple pixel art mini golf game is free and contains ads and an in app purchase to remove them.


111% is known mainly for simple arcade titles, and they are a good source of new games. While the game’s visuals will likely remind some gamers of the PSP’s classic Patapon franchise, the gameplay is quite different. Players need to merge and play cards as their army roams across the screen taking on a variety of enemies. Different card combinations yield different results, and players will need to use their resources wisely to get the most out of their upgrades. Uga-Cha is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Cartoon Network Match Land

Cartoon Network Match Land is a match-3 game that adds a Cartoon Network theme to developer’s Race Cat popular Match Land. Players are able to collect a variety of heroes from CN shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears and take them into match-3 matches against food themed enemies. There are shops to upgrade, heroes to power up, and a food festival to maintain as players try out the new pixel-art filled puzzle game. Cartoon Network Match Land is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Cartoon Network Match Land

Aura Kingdom

X-Legends’ MMORPG is now available around the world. It offers players 8 classes to choose from, and a lot of what gamers might expect from a mobile MMORPG. That means the choice between using the game’s virtual joystick & buttons or auto combat, an auto option for quests, and lots of different modes and activities. Players are able to get into the game’s single player quests, PVP, guild-related combat, or try their hand at mining and fishing. Aura Kingdom is free and contains in app purchases.