The Weekly Roundup: June 8, 2018

The Weekly Roundup

This week’s new releases are a healthy mix of paid games, free to try titles and free to play games with in app purchases. That includes a puzzle game from Nitrome, a sci-fi platformer, a sushi themed puzzle game with thousands of levels, and more.

As always, while the new free Android games on this list might get the most attention, don’t overlook new paid games. Paid games can often provide a better value as they’re not trying to push you towards in app purchases or wasting your time with advertisements.

Eden Obscura

Eden Obscura is the successor to the PS3 PlayStation Network hit PixelJink Eden, taking much of the console game’s style and adapting it to be played in portrait mode on mobile devices. The game has players swing around on vines and leafs while they gather spectra and grow more plants in each of the game’s gardens. While it may be a bit repetitive, it does offer a unique gameplay experience. Eden Obscura is free and contains in app purchases.

In The Dog House

Nitrome’s newest mobile release has been around for a few years as a flash game, but this week mobile gamers got their first chance to try out the dog themed puzzler In The Dog House. The game has players guide a dog from one part of the house to the next by rotating and sliding the home’s rooms around and then luring the dog using their favorite toy. There are multiple toys, dogs, and 50+ different puzzles to solve. In The Dog House is currently on sale for $2.49 as a launch promotion, and will soon go back up to its regular price of $3.99. It does not contain any ads or in app purchases.

Royal Blood

Gamevil’s new PVP focused RPG is one of this week’s bigger game launches. The online RPG features a 70 vs 70 realm vs realm mode to go along with a 3 vs 3 arena and single player that includes raids and various quests. The action RPG does have an auto-mode, but it becomes less useful as players progress onto more difficult content that requires a bit more than just mindless grinding. With only 4 gender-locked classes, limited character customization, and a muted color palette the game falls a bit short when it comes to personality. Royal Blood is free and contains in app purchases.

Push Sushi

ZPLAY’s latest is a simple unblocking puzzle game featuring sushi. Like similar games, Push Sushi has players slide various objects out of the way in order to clear a path to the exit. Instead of the cars or wooden blocks used in most games, Push Sushi has a variety of sushi types and an overall aesthetic that goes along with the sushi theme. Perhaps most notably, the game promises a whopping 2100 levels. Push Sushi is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Fossil Hunters

Reptoid Games’ new release is all about digging up fossils, either on your own or with friends. Fossil Hunters has players explore levels in search of fossils and then assemble those fossils while avoiding hazards and monsters. The game features 30 levels across 4 different environments and lets up to 4 players play on the same device (using additional gamepads).
Notably, Fossil Hunters requires a gamepad or keyboard to play and does not have any touchscreen controls. The most expensive of this week’s games, Fossil Hunters is $14.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases.