The Weekly Roundup: June 29, 2018

The Weekly Roundup

This week’s games are perhaps a bit weaker than those of the past few weeks but there are still a couple of standout titles. The week saw a new Pokemon title, a new puzzle game from the developer of the popular Hook, a western survival game, and an interesting new word game.

As always, while the new free Android games on this list might get the most attention, don’t overlook new paid games. Paid games can often provide a better value as they’re not trying to push you towards in app purchases or wasting your time with advertisements.

Pokemon Quest

The mobile version of Pokemon Quest is likely the release biggest among this week’s new games. Not quite a traditional Pokemon game, Pokemon Quest gives players less control over battles and focuses more on attracting new Pokemon. The game’s cute cubic art-style really gives the game a different feel from most other titles out there and it’s undoubtedly worth a look though gamers should expect a terribly deep experience. Pokemon Quest is free and contains in app purchases.

Up Left Out

Up Left Out is a new puzzle game from Hook and Push developer Rainbow Train. The new zen puzzle game has players slide and rotate tiles to free them from pegs that are holding them back and then form links between the tiles to close any open loops. Like Hook, it’s designed to be a relaxing experience without any instructions, scores, or turns. Up Left Out is $0.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases.


111% is back with another easy to pick up arcade/strategy game. 1655F has players assume the role of a dark magician and go through waves of knights and other upstanding citizens in order to get revenge. Players will need to utilize a selection of heroes and spells as they go from floor to floor taking out their enemies. 1655F is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Ocean Escape

Ocean Escape is a simple arcade game that lets players control a cute squid on hist endless journey towards the surface. All about timing, players need to dash through openings on their way up while collecting coins and helping out your squid friends. It’s certainly not the biggest of this week’s games but it has some charm. Ocean Escape is free and contains ads.

Grab Lab

From the developer behind Timberman and Risky Rescue comes Grab Lab, an arcade puzzle game with a grappling hook mechanic. Players go from level to level collecting vials and time machine parts by using their trusty grabber to travel from the ceiling to the floor (or from one wall to another). The catch? The player’s character is constantly walking and walks on walls and ceilings just as if they were floors. There are obstacles to avoid, 100+ levels to play through, and different playable characters to unlock. Grab Lab is free and contains ads and in app purchases.