The Weekly Roundup: April 6, 2018

The Weekly Roundup

April is here and so are some new releases. After last week was filled with a lot of new RPGs, it’s no surprise the new releases of the past week did not make as big of a splash. This week’s games include a rhythm game filled with anime girls, a head to head strategy game, golf, and terraforming.

As always, while the new free Android games on this list might get the most attention, don’t overlook new paid games. Paid games can often provide a better value as they’re not trying to push you towards in app purchases or wasting your time with advertisements.

Here are 10 new games released in the past week you should be aware of:

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Released by Bushiroad in partnership with Craft Egg, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! offers gamers 40 songs to play through on multiple difficulty levels, along with online co-op, and more. Although rhythm based gameplay is a core part of the game players will also be able to collect characters and create their own band. They will also be able to interact with their collected characters and watch visual-novel style cut scenes. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is free and contains ads and in app purchases.


Mordred is a kinetic visual novel rather than a game. There is no user interaction to speak of here. Players watch as the story of Julien and the Gaultier family unfolds. There’s a cursed doll, a wealth family, and lots of text to read through. Mordred is $4.99 and does not contain any in app purchases. Players looking to try out the game should check out the free demo.

Original Journey

Original Journey has players take on the role of a new recruit in the Ato-Mas forces as they explore an alien planet. Players will need to use all of the tools at their disposal to take on the planet’s more hostile inhabitants. That means shooting just anything that moves and asking questions later (or never). Original Journey is $2.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases.

Wakfu: The Brotherhood

WAKFU: The Brotherhood is an arcade game that lets players smash Nox and his robot minions. Gamers familiar with Nindash: Skull Valley should find The Brotherhood to be a familiar experience. Like Nindash, players tap to destroy their enemies and pull off combos by combining proper timing and positioning while avoiding bombs and other hazards. WAKFU: The Brotherhood is free and does not contain any ads or in app purchases.

RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos

Like other games before it, RIVAL is a strategy game with a constantly refilling mana pool that is used to summon units, a focus on building a deck with just the right combination of units, and (essentially) loot crates that let players acquire new champions and upgrade existing ones. Outside of the standard features of other arena strategy games, RIVAL also lets players set a leader unit and allow them to use that unit’s special ability. This adds an extra layer of strategy not common to the genre. The game’s developer has also promised ongoing updates for the game, including new champions and features. RIVAL: Cirmson x Chaos is free and contains in app purchases.