An Update on the Android Release of The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins

The developer of the popular escape game series has released an update on the progress of the Android version of The Room: Old Sins, with information about the game’s release, a beta, and more.

The news Android users are looking for first: The Room: Old Sins does not have a firm release date yet, but the current targeted release window is mid-April 2018. Some Android users may be able to give the game a go ahead of time thanks to an upcoming beta test.

The game was originally released on January 25 on iOS, and the Android version was slated to be released soon thereafter. Some might be wondering how “soon” turns into 4 months, and the developer offered an explanation. One of the reasons provided was fixing bugs that had come to light after the iOS version of the game was released. Fireproof Games wants to take care of as many of these bugs as possible before releasing the game on another platform. The second reason is the familiar problem of Android device fragmentation. There are thousands of Android devices out there, running on different chips, with different resolutions and different version of the operating system. Getting the game to run smoothly on as many of these devices as possible takes time.

As part of the testing process Fireproof Games has announced that they will be holding a limited beta test for the game sometime in the near future. The beta test will be limited to a relatively small number of people and may expand over time. When the beta test starts the developer has said they will post links to the game on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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