Space Colonization Game TerraGenesis Lands on Android


After more than 1 million downloads on iOS, Tilting Point has released Edgeworks Entertainment’s space colonization game on Android. TerraGenesis is an in-depth management simulation game that tasks players with transforming planets into livable environments.

TerraGenesis gives players the ability to colonize a variety of planets. That includes real planets like Mars, dwarf planets like Pluto, and fictional planets created just for the game. Players will need to create pressurized habitats, terraform their environment by changing things like air pressure, and create unique ecosystems.

While the game does offer a slew of options based on science, gamers should not expect a visual feast. The experience mainly involves navigating menus and deciding on the appropriate move at any given time. Gamers interested in the science of the game and information about terraforming can even check out the game’s archives for some extra resources.

TerraGenesis – Space Colony is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Engage in space exploration and terraform new worlds in this fun and exciting planet building simulator rooted in real science. TerraGenesis dynamically animates entire planets with changing biospheres, all based on real data from NASA.

The universe is your playground in TerraGenesis! Colonize real planets in our solar system, planets created just for TerraGenesis and even alien worlds! When the world is in your hands, the possibilities are truly endless. Play TerraGenesis and start terraforming today!

Interested? Check out the simulation game on Google Play.

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