Terra Battle 2 Is Now Available on Google Play

Terra Battle 2

2014’s Terra Battle was a unique tile-based strategy RPG with gacha elements. It was downloaded over 2.7 million times since its original release in 2014, and now developer Mistwalker Corp has launched a sequel. Terra Battle 2 is currently available to download on Google Play, though the game servers will not go live until 11PM PST. Those that launch the game now will simply be greeted by the Terra Battle’s cute mascot Hiso holding a four-leaf clover and a message telling them when the game will launch. If you want to be one of the first to get into the world of Terra Battle 2, you might as well download it early (Google Play link at the bottom of this article).

Since its announcement earlier this year, the game has received over 370,000 pre-registrations. The pre-registration campaign offered rewards for players that signed up, and has closed on September 19th at 8PM PST in preparation for the game’s launch. The sequel promises more strategy, a different take on the world map, and more. Terra Battle 2 was scheduled to be released on September 21st 2017, but it looks like it will be available an hour early. Here is an official trailer, as well as excerpts from the game’s description from Google Play:

Terra Battle 2 brings a completely different game-play experience, while preserving the highly-praised core battle mechanics in a fantastic epic RPG.

The new world map lets players travel alongside their companions and allows for more strategic gameplay as you set up your formation before entering a battle. The countless encounters and farewells throughout the course of your heroes’ journey promise to be even more emotional and intense than ever before

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