“Tents and Trees” Offers Mobile Gamers Hundreds of Puzzles to Solve

Tents and Trees

French developer Frozax has released Tents and Trees, a new puzzle game featuring an impressive number of levels to play through. It is based off of the Tents math game, which resides in the same realm as classic titles as Sudoku. At the start of each game players are given a grid with numbers along each axis, and trees in some of the cells. They then must fill the open cells with either grass or tents. Tents need to be placed next to a tree, and the number of tents in a row or column must correspond to the number placed next to that row or column. Tents cannot be placed next to each other. Those are the rules, and players must take it from there.

Though not the first Tents puzzle game on Android, Tents and Trees does have a few things that set it apart. First and foremost it has a simple but stylish low poly interface. The game also currently has hundreds of levels to play through, is playable offline, and supports both portrait and landscape mode. The only catch (if you can call it that) is that unlocking new level sets will cost players coins. Coins can either be purchased via in app purchases, earned by completing stages or watching optional ads, and are given to users periodically as an attendance incentive.

Tents and Trees is free to play and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:


  • Hundreds of levels
  • New exclusive levels every day
  • No rush: play at your own pace, start a level and complete it later
  • Unlimited free hints
  • No wifi? you can play offline
  • Multiple grid sizes for varied difficulty
  • Ability to zoom in and move the grid for smaller devices
  • Landscape and portrait modes to play on any phone or tablet

Tents and Trees gameplay

Interested? Check out the new puzzle game on Google Play.

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