Tales of Link to Shut Down In March

Tales of Link

In a further reminder that online mobile games do not last forever, Bandai Namco has made the decision to shut down both the Japanese and worldwide servers for Tales of Link. Servers will be shut down at 7 PM PST on March 27th. The game’s in app purchases have already been disabled.

Tales of Link is a hero collection gacha game starring characters from long running Tales franchise that started on the Super Famicom. Like Puzzle and Dragons, Tales of Link combined hero collection with puzzle gameplay as players had to match pieces in order to unleash attacks and use skills.

This shut down follows the closures of Gamevil’s strategy RPG War of Crown, Nexon’s Dragon Nest 2: Legend, and the cancellation of Square-Enix’s Flame vs Blaze. It is important to remember that while mobile games are released quickly, they do not last forever.

Bandai Namco is quite active in the mobile gaming scene. They most recently released Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage, and published the English version of Digimon Links not long before that. They currently have another mobile Tales game available, Tales of the Rays, which was released last year. Bandai Namco also has a number of other upcoming mobile games, including a new One Piece game set to launch later this year and a Digimon game, though it is unknown when or if they will be published outside of Japan.

Players can still play the game until March 27th and there are a number of in game events running. Here is a quote from Bandai Namco on the closure and a Japanese trailer for the game.

Dear Saviors,
Thank you for your continuous and passionate support towards TALES OF LINK. With your support, TALES OF LINK has been up and running for two and a half years, creating uncountable precious memories with all saviors.
However, this grand adventure of ours is drawing to a close.
Thank you for your support all along towards TALES OF LINK.

Interested in giving the game a try before it closes? Check out the soon to be shut down gacha game on Google Play.

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