Retro Style 2D Puzzle Game “Toko Bubble” Now Available on Android

Tako Bubble

Taiwanese developer Noice2D has released its new retro-style turn based puzzle game on Android and iOS. Tako Bubble has players take the role of Tako the octopus as he moves around each level popping bubbles while avoiding or crushing his enemies. Why does Tako pop bubbles? Because he needs to find his beetle collection. Helping an octopus pop bubbles in order to rescue his beetles is somehow not that bizarre of a concept by video game standards (particularly when compared to certain titles…).

Tako Bubble consists of 60 unique levels that in which Tako must pop 3 shiny bubbles in order to pass. Each level is also filled with more bubbles to collect, as well as enemies and other dangers. The controls are simple, with 1 directional swipe sending Tako to the next tile in that direction. As with any turn based game, players will need to think ahead in order to avoid the various bats, fish, frogs and snakes that are after Tako.

Tako Bubble is free, contains ads and has an in app purchase to remove them. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Octopus Tako’s beetle collection was blown away by a magical swirl of bubbles!
Could you help it pop all the bubbles and find them back?

Tako Bubble is a turn-based casual puzzler; as soon as three glittering colored bubbles are popped, Tako can get to the next level by magic! Please help it crawl through deep-ocean environments, defeat ferocious monsters, pop all the bubbles, and find back the hidden beetle gems!

Interested? Check out the bubble popping on Google Play.

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