Cute 3D Platformer Suzy Cube Has Arrived

Suzy Cube

Northernbytes and Noodlecake Studios have launched a fully featured 3D platformer on Android and iOS, Suzy Cube. The new platformer offers classic 3D platformer controls, adapted to touchscreen devices, along with all of the jumping, obstacle avoiding and enemy stomping action players have come to expect from the genre.

Heavily inspired by Super Mario 3D Land, Suzy Cube is a simple but complete platforming experience that offers gamers 40+ levels to jump through, including some secrets and power-ups that players will need to find if they hope to collect every star and coin the game has to offer. Spread across 5 different worlds, the game’s levels offer a variety of themes from including grass, ice, and fire levels.

Suzy Cube was created by a one person team over the course of several years and has players help the title character recover her castle’s stolen gold from the Skulls. As one might expect from a 3D platformer, the story is more of a jumping off point than the main focus of the game.

Players who are hesitant to pick up a mobile platformer due to touchscreen controls should know that Suzy Cube promises full controller support. Though the controls themselves are incredibly simple, with one side of the screen being used as a giant virtual joystick and the other being used as a giant jump button. It’s also available on Steam, though the Steam version of Suzy Cube is set at a higher price point than its mobile counterparts.

This is the latest release from Canadian publisher Noodlecake Studios, the company behind recent Android releases like Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy and It’s Full of Sparks. Beyond Suzy Cube, the Saskatoon based publisher and sometimes developer has a number of other games coming this year, including next month’s release of Alto’s Odyssey.

Suzy Cube is $3.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new platformer on Google Play.

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