3D Platformer Suzy Cube Is Coming Soon to Android, iOS and PC

Suzy Cube

Early this year Noodlecake Studios teased some of the games the company had coming out this year. The list included a number of interesting ports including the already released Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy, as well as a few new games that made an impression. Among those that stood out was Super Mario 3D World inspired platformer Suzy Cube and Android gamers can pre-register for the game starting today.

The game follows Suzy Cube as she tries to take back the gold that was stolen from Castle Cubeton, though as with most platformers, the story is not the game’s primary focus. Three years in the making, Suzy Cube is a 3D platformer that promises more than 40 unique levels spread across different brightly colored environments that players will have to explore while dodging hazards and avoiding enemies. Beyond just getting to the end of each of the game’s levels, players can also collect coins and discover some of the game’s secrets. Because no 3D platformer would truly be complete without power-ups, players will be able acquire hats that let them double jump or ground pound, as well as temporary invincibility and magnetism that lets them attract coins.

Gamers who prefer to do their platformers using physical buttons and joysticks will be glad to know that Suzy Cube promises full controller support as an option.

Suzy Cube is also coming to iOS and PC via Steam. Suzy Cube is scheduled to launch on June 19th, 2018 and will cost $3.99 on mobile platforms.

Interested? Check out the upcoming platformer on Google Play.

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