New MOBA Battle Royale Hybrid Survival Hero Starts Open Beta

Survival Heroes

Snail Games USA has started a beta test for another one of their new games, Survival Heroes. Whereas My Dino looks to combine elements from Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans, and other titles, the newly launched beta test for Survival Heroes is a MOBA battle royale mash-up.

In true battle royale fashion, Survival Heroes has 100 players drop in onto a single large map filled with loot and competitors. As the game moves forward the map shrinks thanks to an ever growing poison area and the last person standing at the end of the match wins.

Where Survival Heroes deviates from the standard battle royale formula is in its infusion of fairly standard mobile MOBA interface and features along with a couple of unique twists. Players are able to level up, collect equipment and take on monsters to gain experience. Though it has a standard MOBA control scheme, Survival Heroes doesn’t force players to choose their hero before each match, instead forcing them to adjust to whatever gear they find once they’re on the ground. The game’s map is said to be 50 times larger than the standard 5 vs 5 MOBA map and seasoned battle royale players will notice that the layout is a lot more organized and lively than most battle royale titles.

Survival Heroes isn’t the first game to combine the MOBA and battle royale genres. Both Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have done their own takes on large scale battle royale modes. This is, however, the first major attempt at a game that focuses on the mash-up as its core mode, and many of the design choices are unique to Survival Heroes.

At this time the open beta test is limited to countries in Southeast Asia. As with other games in SEA, Survival Heroes is available in English and you can download Survival Heroes from anywhere using a VPN. Both battle royale and MOBA games are both extremely popular in the region and 3 of today’s top 5 top grossing Google Play titles in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand fall into one of the two genres.

Survival Heroes is free and does not contain any in app purchases at this time though those are almost certainly coming in the future.

Interested? Check out the new MOBA BR hybrid on Google Play.

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