Use Letters to Solve Physics Puzzles in supertype


Philipp Stollenmayer (Kamibox) has released a new creative physics based puzzle game on Android. supertype has players use letters as physical objects as they try to solve each of the game’s 100+ levels.

The game tasks players with typing in a sequence of letters that, when dropped into the level, will fall into place and activate the necessary switches. That means planning ahead for how a particular letter might drop into a particular slot, how one letter might cause another to tip over, and so on. This requires that players need to focus on the shape of each letter rather than the sound they make, thus removing any language barriers that might be present with other word/letter based puzzle games.

supertype is $1.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with a look at the game:

How does a p fall?
How much does an r weigh?
And how does the dot over an i sound?

Interested? Check out the puzzle game on Google Play.

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