Colorful Arcade Game Super Starfish Launches on Android

Super Starfish

The developer behind Sling Kong has launched the colorful Super Starfish, a new space themed arcade game that has players dodge meteors and black holes while working on growing their aquarium.

Super Starfish tasks players with guiding their space fish as it swims through the cosmos collecting stars and avoiding the dangers of space. The fish’s journey through space is done in the hopes of rebuilding a massive space aquarium. Players will be able to collect and grow a collection of space fauna in and add more than 30 collectible space fish that they unlock along the way.

Super Starfish is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here’s an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and a trailer with more information:

Swim through the swirling cosmos as an interstellar Starfish. Bring life to your space aquarium by dodging meteors, black holes, quasars and more.

Super Starfish uses cutting-edge techniques to deliver amazing visual effects never seen before in mobile games. Be mesmerized by swirling ripples of colour as your Starfish soars across the galaxy.

Interested? Check out the arcade game on Google Play.

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