Major Super Mario Run Update Now Available

Super Mario Run

Nintendo has released a major new update for Super Mario Run. The new update brings a new world, a new mode, a new character, and an option to listen to your own music while playing the game. To celebrate the new update, Nintendo has also temporarily discounted the price of the game. Unlocking the full Super Mario Run experience previously cost $9.99, that is now down to $4.99.

The new character being added is Princess Daisy, a character has been a staple of the Mario series since the days of the NES. Daisy will be unlocked as soon as players rescue her in the game’s newest mode, Remix 10. The new mode has players play through 10 short sections of existing Super Mario Run levels in rapid succession. The order of these levels is different each time they’re played, keeping players on their toes. Nintendo has also added an all new world called World Star, which features all new obstacles for players to avoid as they run towards the finish line. Finally, players can also listen to their own music in the background while playing the game, and when they do their characters will be wearing headphones in the game.

Super Mario Run is a one tap platformer / runner that was originally released in December of 2016 on iOS and later on Android in March of 2017. In the game players only have control over their character’s jumping, with running being done automatically. Super Mario Run launched as a free to try game, with the first world being free. Unlocking the full experience costs $9.99, which earned the game a lot of criticism and a low 3.7 star user rating on Google Play. The temporary price drop might address some of the complaints that value-focused consumers had.

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