Wacky Football Game “Super Jump Soccer” Now on Android

Super Jump Soccer

Stinger Games has released an Android version of its wacky soccer game Super Jump Soccer. It’s an arcade experience with more acrobatics than fundamentals.

The 2.5D football game lets players control the action as his or her team of ragdoll footballers try to do what they can to score. Played with 3 players per team on a small field with oversized nets, the game is designed to be fast paced with lots of opportunities for action.

What sets the game apart, other than its retro ragdoll characters, is the way the action is handled. Players might spend nearly as much time in the air as they will on the ground. As one might guess from the name, jumping is a big part of Super Jump Soccer. Players will jump to bypass opponents, to head the ball, or try and pull off some flashy bicycle kicks. The result is that the ball might not hit the ground once while going across the field and being booted, deflected or directed into the net.

Super Jump Soccer is free and contains ads. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

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